For a good chunk of time I taught myself how to build web sites, using xHTML, CSS, Perl and JavaScript. I learnt while creating a bunch of websites for a range of businesses, some of which are included in my Portfolio.

garybadger.com is out to lunch

But now I've moved on and found great things in the offline world to occupy my time with. It was fun, but now it's time to do something else away from a PC screen. I no longer build web sites, and currently I maintain a very small number of sites for existing clients. In time I will wrap this up to.

As far as garybadger.com goes it seems a shame to abandon a domain name that carries my own name, while some of the Web Resources pages still receive healthy traffic via Google and some external links. So I'll leave the site up and running here for now.

I've removed the About and Contact pages from this site, but be sure to check out the Web Resources and Portfolio from the left-hand menu.

Thanks for stopping by!